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My name is Farouk Ferrah, amateur boxer and photographer. I have been running rings for over fifteen years with the same passion, that of Thai boxing. Few combat sports where emotions are mixed in the raw state. The pain, the joy, the pain and the doubt are palpable at every moment and in a few seconds everything can rock. You will find on Art Boxing a selection of my most beautiful shots that will be regularly updated. The prints are of quality with the choice of two impressions.
See you soon, Farouk.

After having worked in multiple professions, today Farouk Ferrah has become a recognized photographer. His work imposes no point of view, does not call for any membership. He is simply a captive lover of life, on each of his photographs he gives a part of himself, it is for this reason that we appreciate them so much

Michel Lecorre (Journalist, writer)

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